Ms. Thiloshni Govender

Ms. Thiloshni Govender
Master of Social Work with specialization in EAP
Eastern Cape Department of Health
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Claiming our Professional Identity as EAP
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Legislative Updates Affecting Eaps
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With a Masters Degree in Social Work: EAP and 20 years of experience in the EA Field, Thiloshni Govender in her present portfolio of EAPA-SA President-Elect, is the Project Coordinator for the SAQA Professional Designations. She has been coordinating the awarding of Professional Designation to members, facilitating the Data Loads to the National Learner Records Database, liaising with SAQA on compliance with recognition requirements, visiting Chapters to strengthen understanding of Professional Designation and to facilitate the consultation process with members on the proposed new designations.
We have professionals in EAP but not all EAPs are professionals in the true sense.
Professionalization is the process by which any trade or occupation transforms itself into a true profession of the highest integrity and competence. EAP is evolving as a profession with many of the building blocks already in place and recognition by SAQA has taken EAP forward and closer to statutory status. EAP Professional Designations have been registered to aggregate those who practice in this field and encourage progression. There are however limitations to the current designations warranting a review of their appropriateness to actual practice. After research and some consultation with those in the field, proposed new and reshaped designations will be put forward for members to engage with prior to application for these to be registered.
Session Description
Professional Designations – Employee Assistance Practice under the microscope. Defining what is to be done, by whom and with what competencies and qualifications.
Learning Objective 1
Understanding EAP professionalization
Learning Objective 2
Contextualising SAQA recognition
Learning Objective 3
Presenting the proposed Professional Designations for EAP for discussion
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