Prof. Lourie Terblanche

Prof. Lourie Terblanche
University of Pretoria
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The History of EAPs in South Africa
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National And International Trends
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Prof Terblanche holds a doctorate in Social Work and is employed at the University of Pretoria since 1987. He is the programme manager for the masters training in Employee Assistance Programmes where he has initiated training in Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) through continuous training courses and two masters programmes (one for social workers and one for non-social workers). About 82 master’s and 10 doctoral students graduated under his supervision.
He served for 17 years on the EAPA-SA Board and was the President of EAPA-SA (Employee Assistance Professionals Association of South Africa ) 2009 – 2011. He is actively involved in the promotion of EAPs both nationally and internationally through training, consultation, research, publications and presentations at conferences. He was allocated several national and international awards for his contribution to the EAP field.
The presentation is based on an extensive research project on the historical development of EAPs in South Africa over the last 33 years and the development of the EAPA-SA over the last 20 years. The research outcomes will be availed in book format as well as on-line to ensure proper recording of the legacy of a number of role-players in the EAP and wellness field.
Session Description
Come and share in the rich history of EAPs in the South African context and learn about the contribution of the EAPA-SA as the only professional association in the field of the EAP.
Learning Objective 1
to obtain a clear picture on the historical development of EAPs in South Africa
Learning Objective 2
to obtain a clear picture on the historical development of and contribution of the EAPA-SA in the process of enhancement of the EAP Concept
Learning Objective 3
to learn from the contribution of many role-players in the EAP field
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