Ms. Sonja Van Wyk

  • Ms. Sonja Van Wyk
Ms. Sonja Van Wyk
MSoc Sci (EAP)
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How can we incorporate and facilitate spirituality in the workplace and EAPs?
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EAP Strategies
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Sonja van Wyk has an extensive backgound in employee benefits and wellness. Previous focus areas included the management of HIV and Aids within the workplace. She has just completed her Masters in Science (Employee Assistance Programmes) at the University of Pretoria under the supervision of Prof LS Terblanche. The topic of her research project focused on the incorporation of spirituality within the EAP context.
Spirituality and spiritual wellness has become increasingly a focus area in the workplace and EAP practice. The rationale for the interest of spirituality is that workplace spirituality allows employees to feel complete and authentic at work, which leads to feelings of personal fulfilment, and increased morale and a sense of well-being. However, implementing spirituality in the workplace is not without its challenges and will be highlighted in the presentation. It is the speaker’s opinion that any incorporation of spirituality in a workplace environment is better suited within the EAP context. The incorporation of spirituality in the EAP context follows a two-pronged approach: First, it deal with the employee who is in need of professional clinical services. Spirituality is an important aspect in psychological well-being and often serves as a coping mechanism. Secondly, with the shift to a more proactive approach to enhance employees’ wellbeing, we need to consider what a spiritual wellness component may look like in the EAP context.
Session Description
What is the importance of spirituality in the EAP context, and how can we best incorporate into our practices?
Learning Objective 1
Delegates should be able to criticall assess if and how they should position spirituality within their EAP practices
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