Ms. Phindi Msomi

Ms. Phindi Msomi
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Retaining Talent the Healthy way
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Employee Engagement
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A Business Management Professional with more than 15 years experience in HR a with a core focus on Employee Wellness and Organizational Effectiveness. My experience in HR and Business Operations covers the design and execution of HR strategy in line with Business Strategy, and effective pairing of Performance and Talent Management. Passionate about effectively aligning staff competencies, skills and wellness to improve Organisational effectiveness.
Understand the impact on how overall wellness has on influencing Organizational effectiveness and overall bottom line. A highly effective communicator, using her negotiation skills to implement and manage change and transformation within organisations. An experienced project manager in integrated Human Capital and Employee Wellness solutions.
As an MBA graduate my dissertation was on Talent Management – The war for Talent which research talks about the various ways in which HR and Management can work together to come up with solutions to retain key talent and part of the spoke about Healthy Workplaces
The link between wellness programs and higher employee engagement and retention is well established. Your overarching strategy for employee engagement cannot succeed if you overlook organizational and employee health. It is important to recognize that if your company emphasizes the creation of a culture that allows health and wellness to be infused with performance and it is considered as a discussion at executive level the issue of staff retention would not be a point of discussion in the first place. Approach: I will show stats of Retention surveys globally then locally. Presentation – will include the best retention strategies, the key reasons employees leave an organisation, how to create a work life balance for your employees, how to ensure there is top level buy in and cohesion between what line managers and HR see as important aspects of employee engagement.
Session Description
Are you interested in creating sustainable employee engagement? Do you want to get insights on how to promote a healthy organizational culture? Then join my plenary session and let me guide you.
Learning Objective 1
How to structure retention plans
Learning Objective 2
Promoting a Healthy Organizational Culture
Learning Objective 3
Applicable strategies to a healthy work/Life balance
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