Mrs. Mandu Menze

Mrs. Mandu Menze
MA (SW) Management
Gauteng Office of the Premier
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Implementation leassons from Gauteng Provincial Government
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The Gauteng Provincial Government EHWP development trajectory reflects years of public service research and EHWP policy implementation. Its stages of development emanate from lessons learned while in partnership with service providers and balancing EHWP service demand which propelled the integrated response to EHWP. in 2008 the GPG: EHWP won an EAPA/ EAP Digest quality award of EAP excellence. The programme has since transformed from EAP to an Integrated EHWP. GPG has more than 350 sites servicing 186000 employees in an integrated approach. The programme has been re-branded to communicate GPG as a caring employer. GPG implements the four EHWP pillars in an integrated multidisciplinary approach. The programme has a strong M&E with focus on ensuring service providers return investments made on the programme through tracking of SLA’s. GPG departments agree on annual priorities [e.g.2017/18 Relationships, stress, Hazard identification, stigma & discrimination management] and implement an integrated operational for all four EHWP pillars. The plans are routinely tracked quarterly.
The GPG operating model show case an evolution of an EAP programme to integrated EHWP. It shows a continuum of the EAP core technologies with an occupational social work context and occupational health demands. It also shows how GPG has implemented a matrix organisation to ensure an integrated EHWP that delivers strategic support for Transformation Modernisation Re-industrialisation as mandated by the premier. Total integration at a structural level is still a journey however the 1st mile has been achieved as EHWP structures have been scoped through an OD process.
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GPG achieved a paradigm shift from EAP to integrating SHERQ, Wellness, HPM, HIV/AIDS as strategic support tactic for the transformation modernisation and reindustrialisation of the Gauteng Province.
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Integration of SHERQ, Wellness, HPM, HIV/AIDS
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How to use EHWP to support organisational strategy
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Pertinent EHWP trends
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