Mrs. Katherine Joyce

Mrs. Katherine Joyce
Chartered Accountant (South Africa)
Healthi Choices
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RESPONSE-ability for National Wellbeing: A GEMS Case Study
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EAP Strategies
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Katherine entered the wellbeing industry in 2004, initially as the Chief Financial Officer of Careways. She has since progressed her career in wellbeing by becoming more involved in managing and operating wellbeing businesses.
Her experience includes customer relationship management, financial management, care centre operations, network management, IT and reporting across various wellbeing industries (EAP, skincare, medical scheme wellbeing programmes, affinity wellbeing programmes). Katherine is currently part-owner and a director of Healthi Choices, managing the Wellbeing Support Services division which is comprised of:
• Finance
• Human resources
• Wellbeing enterprise management systems
• Wellbeing Intelligence
Across the globe, we are realising that we must develop and maintain sustainable wellbeing practices in order to positively impact our health and quality of life. The financial impact of ill health is well known. Maintaining one’s personal wellbeing, and the impact thereof in the workplace and as we interact with our customers and stakeholders – society at large –, is becoming more measurable. The adoption of by the WHO of the European Health 2020 Policy Framework is but one example of initiatives focused on improving health, equity and wellbeing.
GEMS provides various wellbeing programmes to its beneficiaries, and also to non-members in the public service work environment. Healthi Choices is directly involved in providing the wellbeing promotion and maternal wellbeing programmes, while another service provider network (SPN) member offers the workplace-based exercise programme. Included in Healthi Choices’ ambit are the wellbeing champions and wellbeing intelligence projects, both of which are integral to supporting managers and practitioners in the workplace to foster a culture of wellbeing.
In this workshop, we will focus on the wellbeing initiatives GEMS provides. This is a local case study which showcases:
• What is available from GEMS.
• How Government Departments, managers and practitioners can mobilise these initiatives together with those of existing wellbeing service providers in their environments.
• How Government Departments will benefit, as will their constituencies.
• What is required of managers and practitioners from a wellbeing perspective, and what steps to take next.
Session Description
The Employee Health and Wellness Strategic Framework for the Public Service requires Departments to:
Provide programmes to develop and maintain “a healthy, dedicated, responsive and productive public service.” – the vision, and
“As far as possible … encourage all government employees to be members of the Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS)” – focused on access to health care in relation to HIV/AIDS and TB.
But, GEMS offers much more – what if national wellbeing is within our grasp? Let us consider our RESPONSE-ability for developing, managing, promoting and maintaining a culture of wellbeing in the workplace and for our stakeholders.
Learning Objective 1
• Identify the wellbeing initiatives within, and available to, their Departments.
Learning Objective 2
• Start defining their wellbeing plans, with the support of the GEMS Wellbeing Champions Programme
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