Mr. Zaheer Hammersley

Mr. Zaheer Hammersley
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The health state of South Africa Leaders
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Diversity /Generational Differences
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I am a serial innovator and like to challenge convention, I have been involved in the Health and Wellness sector for in excess of 10 years managing and running operations within Careways. Prior to joining Careways, I worked for ER24 (A subsidiary of medi-clinic hospital group) and also the NHS in the UK on a number of innovative a ground breaking healthcare solutions.

I currently run the executive wellness and corporate wellness businesses within Careways and am also responsible for product design / research and development within the business.

This experience of physical wellness along with product innovation I feel ideally places me to engage on this subject.

Some of my key strengths include;

Business process re-engineering
Solution architecture and design
Product development and innovation

The stated intention of the presentation will be to show delegates through research and findings what the current trends are as relates to: “the health state of South African leadership”.

The presentation will focus on two aspects of this health state; firstly the proliferation of NCD’s (non-communicable diseases) but also stress / fatigue / burnout and how this is impacting the South African labour force.

The presentation will also try and trend the South African leadership picture, as compared to other emerging market economies (i.e. BRICS countries / SADAC) but also developed economies such as the UK and US so delegates get an overall global health rating ranking for South African leaders.

Through the 17 years of data in Careways, a comparative process will be conducted to see how the entrance profile (i.e. first assessment) of leaders is changing over time as compared to the general economy picture in the 2000’s versus post 2010 (decade 1 to 2 comparison).

Through the acute care division of Life Healthcare, data and statistics will be presented around private admissions and medical aid admissions as relate to managers and leaders having hospital stays relating towards key NCD and/or workplace related factors (hospital and mental health) and if this is increasing or decreasing over-time.

The presentation will close out by showing the following two key aspects to delegates: firstly how South Africa compares globally in terms of available executive wellness solutions and also what the missing gap in executive care is – the how to change component.

In respect to the take-away content which delegates would get from the presentation it is as follows:
1- A comparative global picture of the health state of leaders
2- A short assessment tool which wellness practitioners could use to assess health state of leaders and management and;
3- Guidance on how to implement a change orientated leadership wellness solution opposed to a risk finding service

Session Description
Attendance will give insight into the health state of South African leaders including how we rank globally. Delegates will also get insight into how to implement a change orientated wellness solution
Learning Objective 1
Global picture of the health state of leaders (factors driving this)
Learning Objective 2
How to implement a change orientated executive wellness solution
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