Mr. Stephen Davids

Mr. Stephen Davids
Presentation Title
Engaging the Resistant Chemically Dependent Employee
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Individual Level
Addiction At Work – Digital/ Social Media, Drugs, Alcohol
Biographical information related to the topic
From the age of 19 to 29 the mainstay feature of my life was the abuse of alcohol and the embrace of its associated lifestyle. In 2003 I had an encounter with an employer wellness program that I believed has change my life forever.
By 2004 I enrolled for a degree in Social Work at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. By 2008 I graduated and found employment at an NGO that specialized in the rehabilitation of offenders. At this organization I was exposed to rapid assessment and intervention on an individual and family level. The implementation of restorative justice restorative practices and principles underpinned and continues form the core of my approach.
At the beginning of 2012, after approximately 4 years in the NGO sector I entered into private practice. During my transition period from the NGO sector to the private sector I worked part time at an inpatient drug treatment facility on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.
The majority of my caseload, 2012 to date (actually 2008) has been the management and treatment of substance dependants and or assisting their families. The involuntary admission to a drug treatment facility has become my primary intervention.I have trained and or worked with local organizations such as A Fighting Chance, Families Against Drugs, and Endangered Species. I have presented various substance abuse related topics to institutions such as the Elizabeth Donkin Psychiatric Hospital, National Ports Authority, and the Eastern Cape Department of Social Development. I have supervised fourth year social work students, presented training, and guest lectured at the local Nelson Madela University, Social Work Department.According to my wife I live, sleep and Work: DRUGS.
There are a wide array perspectives when it comes to the treatment of chemically dependent persons. Some of these perspectives are evident in the language use by the prospective service provider. “He (or she) needs to hit rock bottom”. “You need to apply tough love”. “Pray, pray, pray”. “He (or she) must want to change. Amidst all of the various opinions, and difficulties related to working with this community, it appears that mental health professionals have reverted to a layman approach to intervention.

This input seeks to reactivate prior learning in relation to its application for working with substance dependent persons, especially the most resistant clients.

Session Description
This pre con slot aims to look at the management and treatment of a substance dependent employee from the perspective of an independent practitioner.
Learning Objective 1
Relating the helping process to professional helping
Learning Objective 2
To explore the change process
Learning Objective 3
To explore the process of recovery
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