Mr. Simphiwe Mabhele

Mr. Simphiwe Mabhele
Master in Educational Psychology (Advanced Degree); Labour Law (Post Graduate Degree in Labour Law), Public Health (Post Graduate Degree in Public Health), Higher Diploma in Education (Post Graduate Qualification), Advanced Certificate in Project Management, Design and Implementation, Diploma in Managing HIV/AIDS in the Workplace (21 years’ experience in HIV and AIDS).
International Labour Organization (ILO)
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Health/Wellness and Disease Management (incl. HIV and TB) in relation to the Future of Work…!
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Individual Level
Health And Incapacity
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More than 23 years’ experience in Education, Training and Development Practices.
Provided technical assistance to various countries in the development and implementation of workplace policies, programmes and strategies in related to wellness and disease (incl. HIV and TB) management.
Facilitated capacity building workshops nationally and abroad, including United States, Caribbean Islands, Europe and Africa for Governments, Employers (Private Sector) and Trade Unions.
The world of work is undergoing a major process of change. In order to understand and to respond effectively to these new challenges the International Labour Organization ILO has launched a “Future of Work initiative” in order to be able to advance its mandate for social justice. These challenges are not in isolation from others, such as the continued impact of non-communicable and communicable diseases, incl. HIV and TB.
The ILO is the only tripartite agency of the United Nations. Since 1919, the ILO brings together government, employer and worker representatives of 187 member States to set labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decent work for all. The ILO is one of the 11 UN-system organisations combining efforts and resources to implement a coherent HIV and AIDS response at global level, as co-sponsors of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).
In South Africa, the ILO works with organised Business through Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) and other partners, such as the South African Business Coalition on Health and AIDS (SABCOHA).
Employee Assistance Programmes remain key as the world is fast-tracking the targets to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. This should also be looked at in the context of the changes in the world of work – Future of Work
The need to coordinate the public and private sector in implementing Wellness and Disease Management Systems (WDMS – including HIV and TB) is becoming increasingly important.
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The session will comprise of a powerpoint presentation, and will be followed by a discussion.
About the ILO, its work and mandate.
The Future of Work Initiative
Wellness and Disease Management, incl. HIV and TB
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About the ILO, its work and mandate.
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The Future of Work Initiative
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Wellness and Disease Management, incl. HIV and TB
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