Mr. Luvuyo Tshoko

Mr. Luvuyo Tshoko
M. Ed in Media Studies and Education
Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board
Presentation Title
Minimisation of Harmful Effects of Excessive and Irresponsible Gambling at Workplace
Content Focus Area
Individual Level
Addiction At Work – Digital/ Social Media, Drugs, Alcohol
Biographical information related to the topic
Armed with Master’s degree in Media Education and Studies from the University of Natal and University of Stellenbosch for a Senior Management Development Program (SMDP) Certificate (2014-2015)

Luvuyo is currently the Head of Strategic Management Services for the Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board managing and overseeing a diverse portfolio of (Responsible Gambling and Public Education, Stakeholder Management; Marketing and Communication, Research & Development and Risk Management and Corporate Social Responsibility) and previously. He has previously worked as Director: Integrated Planning and Management, Policy Analysis and Development for the Provincial Department of Health and as Director Policy Development, Monitoring & Evaluation for the Civilian Secretariat for Police in Pretoria

The Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board (ECGBB) which is an organisation that I am currently working for is a statutory body established by the Eastern Gambling and Betting Act, 1997 (Act No.5 of 1997) (as amended) (the Act). The mandate of the Board is to regulate or control all gambling activities within the Eastern Cape Province. Through regulatory activities, gambling contributes to employment creation and revenue generation for the province of the Eastern Cape.

In 2013/14 financial year, the ECGBB commissioned a research study on the Prevalence of Gambling amongst Public Servants in the Eastern Cape and key finding included the following.

ρ Government employees in the Province appear to be a growing gambling breed as they have disposable income.
ρ 0.7% have serious gambling and betting related problems including suicidal thoughts.
ρ 50.8% have gambled during working hours.
ρ One person indicated that s/he spent up to R10.000 pm while another indicated the highest single amount placed on a bet was R4000.
There is a realisation that gambling can be an evasive act that requires the utmost care and awareness of the harms of problem gambling. Research findings indicated above of the are particularly of concern because public servants are at the centre of providing essential services to communities of the Province.

It is therefore against this background that the ECGBB started rolling out this financial year a comprehensive public education programme that is meant to:

ρ Inform, empower and enhance understanding of problem and excessive gambling & how to deal with potential problem gambling at the workplace.
ρ Highlight the referral and support services that is available when problem gambling is identified at the workplace.
ρ Initiate policy and strategy reform regarding own employee wellness and assistance programme in respect of excessive and irresponsible gambling at work place ICT Management and gambling websites etc.

The anticipated outcomes and impacts of the programme is the reduction of the risk factors for problem and excessive gambling at work-place through processes of early intervention and policy interventions.

Session Description
Catch Up and attend a Responsible Gambling Session which is meant to inform, empower and enhance understanding of problem gambling and excessive gambling at work-place and how to deal with this phenomenon.
Over and above, this information, the session will provide practical solutions for Senior and Executive Managers to address problem gambling at workplace and improve work-productivity.
Learning Objective 1
Key Principles of Wiehahn Commission Regarding Gambling post 1994 Democracy in South Africa.
Learning Objective 2
Un-intended Consequences of gambling, ease of access to gambling sites and disposable income which may lead to problem gambling.
Learning Objective 3
Understanding of Problem and Excessive Gambling and Problem Gambling Defined, Types of Gamblers as well as Gambling Continuum and Signs & Symptoms Of A Problem Gambler. Help and Support Available when problem gambling is identified at work-place
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