Mr. Kobus Swart

Mr. Kobus Swart
Graduated from the University of Potchefstroom, majoring in Economics and Industrial Psychology
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Response-ability in spending and budgeting
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Individual Level
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Kobus Swart has been in sales management for over 28 years. He has in-depth knowledge and experience of the financial services sector, specifically life insurance. He graduated from the University of Potchefstroom, majoring in Economics and Industrial Psychology. Kobus heads up Sanlam Key Solutions, a division within Sanlam that focusses on providing financial services, including financial education within Key Accounts. Kobus has been awarded various accolades through the years, the most recent being the prestigious Sanlam Group CEO Award for 2016. Kobus is passionate about the financial industry, as well as about interacting with people.
Abstract for Conference Committee Consideration
Kobus will address the audience on the importance of creating a spending plan versus budgeting. This will include the pitfalls of why people do not budget and the consequences thereof. To further underpin the topic, he will address the 5 major red flags of becoming indebted. He will advise on how to create a proper spending plan and tips on how to avoid becoming indebted. Kobus will explain the importance of making use of a qualified financial planner and the value it could add.
Session Description
The recent downgrade of the South African economy to junk status, concerns all of us. The important question to ask is how would it affect us as individuals and what can be done to ensure that it does not have an adverse impact on us or our employees. This presentation will enable EAP practitioners to assist employees in dealing with their financial situation.
Learning Objective 1
Be able to create an appropriate allocation of monthly income to ensure financial wellbeing.
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