Miss Radhi Vandayar and Mr. Gerard Van Hoek

  • Miss Radhi Vandayar and Mr. Gerard Van Hoek
Miss Radhi Vandayar and Gerard Van Hoek
MBA and BA Social Work Hons
Presentation Title
Million Maker: achieving financial freedom
Content Focus Area
Organisational Level
Employee Engagement
Biographical information related to the topic
Radhi is currently an MBA mentor at Henley business school for the SA16 MBA class. She is also a member of the EAPA SA board as the marketing portfolio holder. She has served on the board for the last 10 years. She is passionate about people development and therefore works within the Human capital space as a consultant on Employee wellness and for the last 15 years. Her current position at ICAS is Strategic L&D Manager.
Abstract for Conference Committee Consideration
At least 50%-60% of employees struggle with debt (conservatively) .Indebtedness amongst top stressors next to death of loved-one, serious illness, and severe personal trauma. Personal financial crisis observed by health and wellness practitioners in 76% of reported stress related cases. Lack of focus and concentration observed in 60% of reported cases. Tardiness, health complaints and absenteeism found in 34% of reported cases. However companies still struggle to get employees to learn better financial management skills. Lets explore how ELearning can help employers reach employees in a cost effective manner and ensure behaviour change.
Session Description
Financial health is one of the top EAP issues in companies. We need sustainable solutions for employees. Come and explore different tools and ways of meeting your financial learning needs as EAPs…
Learning Objective 1
Understanding personal financial management
Learning Objective 2
Explore practical tools that will equip you with financial acumen
Learning Objective 3
Change belief, attitudes and behaviours towards finance
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