Speaker Terms & Conditions

As the lead presenter for your proposal, you must agree to the terms and conditions in order for your session to be included in the conference programme. All terms of this Agreement apply to any additional presenters you may invite to participate.

  1. I acknowledge that I am the lead presenter for this session and will be EAPA-SA’s point of contact for all additional presenters, if any. As lead presenter, I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that EAPA-SA is provided accurate contact and biographical information for all presenters in my session. Any changes made in terms of speakers must be approved by EAPA-SA.
  2. I understand that EAPA-SA will provide the following technical and audio-visual equipment: one Windows-based computer (no personal computers may be used); one podium microphone; one wireless microphone for audience questions; one projector and stand; and one comfort screen. If I have additional technical or audio-visual needs, they have been included in my proposal.
  3. I agree to provide EAPA-SA my presentation materials no later than 15 August 2017 and to bring a copy of my audio-visual presentation with me at least one hour before my session on a USB flash drive.
  4. I understand that EAPA-SA will publicise and promote each session and presenter by including brief descriptions online, in the printed conference programme book and in other marketing materials. EAPA-SA reserved the right to edit all descriptive and biographical information as needed.
  5. I agree to present the session as approved by the EAPA-SA Conference Committee at the date and time referenced by the acceptance letter. I understand that EAPA-SA retains the right to change the date/time of the session.
  6. I understand that EAPA-SA does not provide honoraria or reimburse travel expenses.
  7. I agree that presentations may not be used to promote or sell products or services before, during, or after the session. I agree to present education material only.
  8. I agree to stick to the allocated time for my presentation and/or workshop. I understand that if I exceed the time allocation, that the facilitator will end my session to ensure that the rest of the programme is not affected.
  9. I agree that I will only market my product/service/company for 2 minutes maximum before or after my presentation. No marketing will be included within the presentation. (unless I am discussing training or a tool for the field)
  10. I agree to provide all PowerPoint, video, audio, hand-outs and any other materials to be utilised during the session to EAPA-SA in electronic format by the materials deadline, 15 August 2017. The powerpoint presentation font will be no smaller than size 16.
  11. If I am presenting a Research Poster, I agree to deliver the poster to the conference organisers by no later than 8am on the first day of the conference 18 September 2017. I agree that my poster will be an A1 size, no larger, no smaller.
  12. If hand-outs are to be distributed during the session:
    12.1. I agree to provide my own printed copies of all materials distributed in the session.
    12.2. I agree to provide printed copies of all materials to the conference organiser at least 3 hours before my presentation is due to take place, or on the morning of the day that I am to present, whichever is earlier.
  13. I understand that if I am unresponsive to published key dates and other contact requests from EAPA-SA, my session may be replaced by an alternate session.

If you would like to apply to be a speaker at the conference, please click here.


Speakers can attend the rest of the sessions on the day of their presentation free of charge. R500 will be charged for any other day you wish to attend.

Full price will be charged for any other activity like: Pre-Conference Training (R1,000.00); Team Building (R200.00) and the Presidential Awards Dinner (R200.00).

These benefits are not transferrable.

Key dates for speakers

24 April: Open “Call for Papers”

19 June: Deadline for Speaker Applications (extended to Friday 7 July)

30 June: Successful speakers are notified (extended to Friday 14 July)

1 August: Speaker deadline to register online as a delegate

15 August: Final date for submission of PowerPoint presentations to EAPA-SA

19 – 21 September: EAPA-SA 2017 Conference


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